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Carnivalesque Call for Submissions

4 March, 2008

Carnivalesque Call for Submissions

The March Ancient/Medieval edition of Carnivalesque Logo (that’s number XXXVII, folks!) will be hosted by Eileen Joy at In the Middle on or around the 16th of March.

If you’d like to submit something, or suggest something else for submission, either email Eileen Joy at ejoyATsiueDOTedu, to the carnival email address (carnivalesqueATearlymodernwebDOTorgDOTuk), or use the handy submission form at Blog Carnival.

Carnivalesque is certainly not just for academics. We welcome perspectives from a variety of fields, especially history, literary studies, archaeology, art history, philosophy – in fact, from anyone who enjoys writing about anything to do with the not-so-recent past. You can nominate your own writing and/or that of other bloggers, but please try not to nominate more than one or two posts by any author for any single edition of Carnivalesque, and limit nominations to recent posts.

Interested in hosting? Let us know! We have a host for May 2008, but no host for the July Ancient/Medieval edition.

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