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In lieu of substance…

5 June, 2012

Because I am teaching an online class and trying to get my brain together after a long year…

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  1. 5 June, 2012 3:46 pm

    I’d be lying if I said I didn’t giggle. I’d also be lying if I claimed that I was not actually rooting for Schama to win the day.

    *hangs head in abject shame*

  2. J Liedl permalink
    6 June, 2012 12:52 am

    Be not ashamed, Dr. Koshary. You are hardly alone!

  3. 6 June, 2012 4:30 am

    I would have liked to see what happened when Phil Harding got his shovel in there… :-p

    • 8 July, 2012 12:13 pm

      Definitely Time Team for the win. Mick Aston’s Last Stand! Oh, this is getting linked. Thankyou ADM!

  4. Susan permalink
    14 June, 2012 6:04 am

    Thank you.

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