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Ways in Which a T-T position has changed my life, pt 1

29 February, 2008

Ways in Which a T-T position has changed my life, pt 1

Right — so I’ve only promised to write this for about a year. Obviously, the first way in which having the job I started at SLAC 3+ semesters ago is this: my blogging has decreased. Or, to be more precise, my blog reading has decreased. I can’t keep up with my blogroll.

Part of this is that I somehow feel like I have more to lose, now that I’m going to be coming up for promotion in a year or so. Most of this is that scholarship is no longer a luxury that I tried to do on top of a 15-hour per term load — it’s something I have to do on top of a 4-3 load. I’m still trying to work on self-censorship, and have taken many of the most personal things private.

A different part is that I am trying to forge more friendships and solid collegial relationships at SLAC, and that eats into my blogging time. I’ve also been trying to maintain some old friendships and a few new ones that have grown out of my relationship with LDW. Those things eat into my time more than I expected.

But mostly? It’s that I’m stuck in what’s still basically a new town, still adjusting to a new college, even as its going through huge amounts of change and growing pains (mostly the good kind), still finding my feet in a new community where people all know each other … and we’re back to self-censorship. Well, that and learning how to manage a different workload while not having to look for a job. So be on the lookout for an upcoming post on ideas of risk and self-censorship coming soon to this blog — after grading jail!

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