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Carnivals Galore!

18 January, 2007

Carnivals Galore!

I’ve been remiss in posting about carnivals, or anything else. Really, I should probably work on a post about how much I missed the AHA blogger meetup (except that I was in a really cool place with a very close friend, which was very important for my personal well-being. I think.). I should also probably write something on the transition from constant job-seeker to T-T person. That transition really has changed my blogging and blog reading habits. What I am currently working on is a post on the really good questions my students are asking this term, and how they’ve made me think again about the purpose of teaching History and the idea of making it relevant. Meanwhile, thought, the aforementioned carnivals:

The 46th History Carnival is up at Investigations of a Dog. I’m sorry to say I haven’t yet read it, but its rumoured to be very good, which is one of the reasons I decided to post this — so I don’t forget!

Nonpartisan at Progressive Historians will be hosting the next carnival on 1 February

Sharon says that Four Stone Hearth is up at Aardvarchaeology. Lots of good things from your genial Scandinavian host Martin (who will be hosting a History Carnival in the next month or two). (sorry for the outright theft, Sharon!)

The next Carnivalesque will be hosted by Tony Keen at Memorabilia Antonina on around the 25th of January, providing the phenomenal winds have not blown him off the island. It will be an Ancient/Medieval one, if you hadn’t guessed. (hell, I should be scouting to add recommendations!). You can submit nominations of blog posts from the last couple of months on anything to do with ancient or medieval history using the submission form at Blog Carnival, or by sending an e-mail to keentony AT hotmail DOT com.

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