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NaBloPoMo 6

8 November, 2006

NaBloPoMo 6

It’s been a very long day. I voted, as did every non-student I saw today. I’m not so sure about my students. I think I’ve never seen so many people voting, except maybe the first time I voted, when Reagan won. I don’t think the election results will thrill me, but there are already surprising ones. I’m amazed at the Pennsylvania Senate result (so far).

I met with my student today to talk about the paper. The student was so receptive to my critique. I thanked them for the insights, and helped them see ways s/he could put forth the same criticisms on slightly different grounds. I also asked them to read some of the sentences out loud. The student could see that there were serious problems, and thought they were due to writing too fast and not proofreading. So, the student is going to go over the paper again and we’ll have one more meeting. There is just nothing better than students who are willing to work. It’s a good chance that this student might have been weeded out at admissions in many places, but the student is brighter than their writing skills suggest, I think. It’s nice to teach at a private SLAC and know that we are not so exclusive that we don’t have a chance to make a difference, if you know what I mean.

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