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Breaking with the past

29 May, 2005

Breaking with the past

So I’m spending the best weekend of the quarter packing. One of the things I thought about packing were the drafts of my diss, with all DV’s red ink. And then I thought, the bloody thing is finished and done. It’s presumably better than the earlier versions. It’s bound and lives in several locations, including UMI. So I threw the drafts into the recycling. And it feels strange. Can anybody think of a reason I should keep it? I have all the important stuff, i.e., my notes. Funny, those pieces of a work in progress just seem so personal … Could this be a step forward?

On a similar front, AXADH has a sort-of date tonight. I’m really happy for him, but it’s very weird, since I live in the same house. Please send vibes for some kind of job decision, because I can’t move till I know where …

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  1. 30 May, 2005 12:14 am

    I think I must be almost the opposite. I would put thesis drafts in the bin/recycling pile as soon as I’d done the corrections. But I do still have the very badly bound copy that I took into the viva (it was falling apart by then, which could have been really quite embarrassing). I just can’t quite get rid of it, even though I have a nice copy that stays in one piece when I open it. And on living with ex-es: I stayed with my ex-husband for a week once, the summer before I went to university. We’d been divorced for well over a year and were on good terms, and I just needed a bed (in the spare room) for a few nights. And we realised in those few days that we could be friends but we just could *not* share the same house space. Not fun. So I have some sympathy.

  2. 30 May, 2005 2:17 am

    Thanks! It is very odd indeed. And, to top it off, I loaned him my copy of JS&MN — AND HE FINDS IT DULL. As a colleague asked me when I said AXADH didn’t like Buffy … “And why are you married to this man?”

  3. 30 May, 2005 5:40 am

    Ack! My aunt and cousin both found that book boring — my cousin didn’t finish it, but he’s 16 — and my aunt found the end boring! The best book I’ve read in ages!Argh.Best wishes for a good decision, jobwise.

  4. 30 May, 2005 12:17 pm

    Vibesvibesvibesvibesvibesvibesvibes….and great sympathy on the AXADH situation.Hmm, those thesis files. I hadn’t thought about them, but maybe next year’s move will be the time to do some serious circular filing. I still have a “to be read” file from my candidacy exams (ca. 1997) that I’ve schlepped through three moves. The undead, er, unread are, um, by DV, and they’re in German – quite gratuitous of him, since he’s a perfectly good native speaker of English. That file is a little corner of lingering resentment from an otherwise fairly smooth DV-discipula relationship. Cling or fling? Das ist der frage…

  5. 1 June, 2005 8:29 am

    Good vibes, Good vibes, Good vibes, Good vibes, Good vibes, Good vibes, Good vibes ….. I still have most of my drafts with comments, but not my own personal drafts. For one thing, I didn’t get that many rounds of comments from my advisor, so it’s less than a single banker-box. The comments on the last round, in particular, include a number of thoughts related to further work and book projects which I haven’t really addressed yet (my summer fun!), so I’m clearly not done with them.

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