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Dear Dr. Brown

20 September, 2017

Just stop.

Stop punching down.

Stop your incessant attention-seeking.

Stop dog-whistling to your alt-right fan club.

Stop using racist and anti-Semitic references that you think are clever. They aren’t. 

Stop posting screenshots from private Facebook pages,  even if people have chosen to break faith with the individual or community owners of those pages. 

Stop bringing my profession into disrepute. 

Stop twisting and misrepresenting other people’s words.

Stop. Just. Stop.
Seriously, this summer has been hard enough without having to put up with your shit. It’s not about you, or it wasn’t until you decided to hijack a conversation and make it about you. That post of Dorothy Kim’s at In The Middle? It was about Charlottesville, and Leeds, and any number of other things that aren’t you. And even, even if it were about you, what you are doing is just wrong. It’s wrong to go after a junior colleague, especially one without tenure. Period. 

Beyond that, I just don’t get how you can consistently refer to your conversion to Catholicism, and yet behave in ways that are about as far from Christ-like as possible — or at least not in any way I learnt in catechism. 

So please… just stop. 
Another Damned Medievalist

Professor of History

Carolingianist, diplomaticist, translator, gender historian, fan of Fulda, member of SMFS and the Medieval Academy,

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  1. Eliza permalink
    21 September, 2017 1:28 am

    Thank you for this.

    I was raised a Catholic and I see none of it in practice in Dr Brown’s posts. No sense of kindness towards Dr Kim as she finds her footing as a professor– only spite bristling beneath what she thinks is amusing.

    It’s been awful. It continues to be awful.

  2. ProfessorBrownpleaseexplain permalink
    21 September, 2017 6:34 pm

    Professor Brown, Here are some suggestions for your blog topics:

    What Being Christian Means to Me
    The Dark Side of the Cult of Mary: Marian anti-Judaism and Anti-Semitism
    Is Milo right to call Dr. Kim a “fake scholar”

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