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Quick PSA regarding a petition

22 October, 2013

So I was sent a petition the other day. It’s the kind of thing I’d normally sign: a transperson claiming discrimination against his university. Except for one thing: I looked at the university’s website, and read the student manual (because I know people who teach there, and it seemed an incomplete story), and honestly, there are so many mechanisms at the campus for students to file grievances and complaints of discrimination — and transgender discrimination is specifically mentioned — that I find it hard to believe that the colleges in question have in fact refused to allow the student to be treated as he identifies. 

I’m reserving judgement on this one till someone shows me that the colleges have actually discriminated against the student. My guess as a faculty member is that the student hasn’t completed the necessary paperwork to be recognized as male in the institutional database, or that there’s an issue with the feed from the database to the mailing lists that needs to be worked out. 

So I’m withholding my signature, because I think it’s the responsible thing to do. 

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