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So much happening — a quick round-up of MAA, Kazoo, and more

21 April, 2013

Hi all — I aten’t dead yet. 

Lots of things to write about, but I am so deeply buried in grading and rehearsal for a concert that I’m just posting some notes and reminders…

  • First off, if you are a member of the Medieval Academy of America, or an ex-member, you probably received a very terse letter the other day from the current President, Richard Unger, regarding the resignations of the Executive Director(s). I’ve left rather extensive comments at Jeffrey Jerome Cohen’s excellent post at In the Middle, so will just direct you there.
  • Kalamazoo blogger meetup still Thursday night, time still TBA, but I would say after 7:00. Same place as last year, one of the dorm suites.
  • Speaking of Kalamazoo, I owe Geoff Koziol a post…
  • Recently went to an awesome undergrad conference, about which I will write later
  • Still have things to say about Leeds last year
  • Still have things to say about Mrs Thatcher’s death and funeral
  • Probably have things to say about recent interpretations of Miranda and its application. I am not thrilled
  • I will not be posting on guns or gun regulation, because I am too angry and disgusted
  • I will be going on sabbatical next spring, and sadly did not get the Dream Fellowship. More on that later, but for now, a bleg: if you know of any UK situations for (un)funded visiting Carolingianists that I might apply for, or if you are in a position to host me, please let me know. Also, I’ll be blegging for leads on accommodation, probably a sublet or room. Backup plan is London, working in BL/IHR, which is not a bad option at all. Just pricey. 
  • I have a LOT to write about teaching

and now, back to marking.

ETA: I really don’t like wordpress’s new interface. Also, my twitter client is acting up, so if you have an alternative to YoruFukouru, please recommend it!

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  1. 21 April, 2013 5:38 pm

    Sorry to hear about the Dream Fellowship, but I’m still delighted for you for next spring’s sabbatical!

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