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Still here!

7 January, 2013

And almost back to blogging. I also owe several of my readers emails — got them, but pushed them behind The Review That Would Not Be Written. That’s in, except for a style review, but am now writing syllabuses. Of course. 

Otherwise, all is much the same. The only odd little thing I’ve run into lately is realizing that several of the people I’d normally go to for recommendations are staff at the place where I am trying to get a sabbatical fellowship. D’oh. 

Also, I need to think about how to really hash out a project. I have two in mind, and really need to come up with something that can be done and done well, given the ridiculously infrequent research leave available at SLAC. So some of you may well be hearing from me soon 🙂

And now, I’m back to reading for the most specific medieval course I have ever taught — and one on my own supposed area of expertise! 

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