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Leeds followup and pics to come

20 July, 2012

As An Early Medievalist has asked about them, I shall be posting some pictures from the Last Leeds at Bodington. I have some interesting pics of the disco where colleagues are suitably not too visible (sadly, none of the ones of the Daleks turned out well), and a couple of the sunrise over the playing fields, one of which was composed by An Early Medievalist.

And, yeah, blogging to commence again in the next couple of days. I have conferences to talk about, classes to organize, and weather to adjust to. In another life, I have a job in a place with fewer contact hours and a better climate. And who knows? if I play my cards right, I might at least end my working life in such a position, even if it ends up being down to attrition/retirement and/or global warming!

In the meantime, laundry has happened, grocery shopping to happen shortly, and a friend to meet for some semblance of entertainment tonight.

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