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Our not-so-post-racial world.

29 January, 2012

Via my friend aka Bitch, PhD comes a link to a blog she had not seen before (nor had I, obviously). I got into it with some people the other day about this incident. The conversation started with a “who the fuck does Jan Brewer think she is? That’s the POTUS. You don’t get in his face like that. Show some damned respect for the office, if you can’t show respect for the man.”

And then the conversation got derailed, part staying with the “She had a right to complain because he said something nasty about her book,” crowd, and part staying with the, “If she were a Democrat and he were GWB, it would still be out of line. President, get it?” crowd. AAAAND, predictably, the former also defended Arizona’s execrable immigration policies. A while back, I wrote something about particular views of US History and how the history of the East ignores the history of the West. I think this is more of the same. Lots and lots of immigrants screwing up the area is an excellent description of what’s happened to much of the southwestern US. Except that the immigrants who are screwing up the place are from east of the Rockies. They move to the desert, they decide that they need to irrigate it with water that isn’t there for lawns that have no right to grow in a desert. And the people who work in the heat for very little to keep those lawns in order? I’d bet dollars to donuts that the children of the people who need that lawn care wouldn’t do it for so little. I can tell you that they sure as hell don’t in my neighborhood (I have on occasion hired people to mow for me — the mower is currently not starting — one is someone who works at the college and has his own business, and the other is a guy and his brother, I think, who left a card on my door. The price is much the same, although I pay a little less to the service with the big riding mower, because it takes less time. And yes, one service is provided by Anglos, the other by Latinos. Both services, provided by adults, are less than half the price that neighborhood teenagers want!). And anyway, these immigrants simply want to write people who have an entire history within the boundaries of this country right out of it. It pisses me off.

And, in fact, it pisses me off so much that I honestly didn’t even think about the fact that Jan Brewer is white and Barack Obama is black. Female and male, yes. But I got sidetracked by a different issue of race, and missed the blindingly obvious. Can’t actually believe that, but it’s true. Damn.

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