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NaBloPoMo 2010 — 5

6 November, 2010

NaBloPoMo 2010 — 5 — A little late

I wrote this in my head last night, and then never posted it. I think because I was trying to pay attention to the news. Or maybe a mystery on TV. Yesterday was fun — unpacking feminist theory with my upper-division students. I saw in most of their faces the same looks I probably had at their ages — “why do we have to know this? who cares? can’t we just READ THE HISTORY??”

Except that the grown-up scholar me understands why. I still don’t love theory much. I’m not a huge fan of historiography for its own sake. But, as one of my students said at the end of our hour together, “Some of that article makes more sense now.”

Weirdly, from Scalzi a couple of weeks ago, to Barbara McManus and Jo Stanley yesterday, my teaching and scholarship — and my life — are moving more and more to questioning, critiquing, and challenging the dominant paradigms.

Thank you to my colleagues in the blogosphere and at Leeds (mostly, although some of you I see more at the zoo) and to the Tea Party for this. I think.

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