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NaBloPoMo 2010 -2

3 November, 2010

NaNoBloMo 2010 -2

Day two of the whole “let’s blog every day” thingy. I was going to write something in response to Notorious, PhD’s really interesting post on teaching and sabbatical, but it’s been a really busy day, and dammit, there are election returns coming in.

Too many bastards are winning. There are far too many people in office (I’m looking at YOU, Minority Whip Cantor, and YOU, WI MN Rep Michelle Bachman, and a bunch of others) who make me ill. This is not so much because of their politics, but because of the glee with which they refuse to answer questions and/or blatantly lie. I don’t really trust most politicians, but today I realized that I am getting increasingly offended by unseemly behavior.

Otherwise, the day was eaten up by student advising, a medical-ish appointment that is part of my way of dealing with crap at work, and VOTING!

I don’t really understand what is going on in this country. I understand the anger. In understand feeling betrayed. I don’t understand how people can say that these things are down to the Democrats, or to liberals in general. Neither party has covered itself in glory in the past many years, but these bizarre beliefs that we are supposed to be a Christian nation, or that allowing the Bush tax cuts to expire as planned will somehow mean raising taxes for people who make far less than $250k a year, or that corporations are people… that, I can’t really understand.

UPDATE: Is anybody watching this crap with Boehner crying about his American dream?

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  1. 3 November, 2010 3:57 am

    The thing is, I could understand (and do) people not wanting to vote for Obama because they're disappointed with him not being liberal enough/doing enough in the liberal direction; but those folks aren't running off to vote tea party!(Oh, and Bachmann is MN. :-D)

  2. 3 November, 2010 4:45 am

    Oops! I knew it that. Somehow I was even thinking Twin Cities, and still put WI. Am now listening to the Stepford congressman that is Jay Boehner.

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