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Re-thinking teaching, professionalism, and a bunch of other stuff

6 September, 2010

Re-thinking teaching, professionalism, and a bunch of other stuff…

…probably not all in one post. One of my goals this academic year is to get back to blogging more regularly, despite having a much heavier load than I’ve had in a long time. I need to do this because I need the discipline of writing something thoughtful on a regular basis, something that in the post has helped me to focus better on my research and teaching, Some of you are aware that the last year has been pretty hard — so much so that I really couldn’t blog the way I wanted to, i.e., objectively enough that I could mask enough details to preserve my friends’ and colleagues’ privacy. But there are a series of posts I would like to write about teaching, assessment, maturing in the profession and at an institution, wearing an administrator’s hat, and what it is that we do for a living. Hint: it’s not some of the stuff in this. So here’s an update on what’s going on, and a solicitation of opinions on what you guys want to hear first. While you’re thinking about that, I may be writing. More later today.

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