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What day is it?

3 December, 2009

What Day is it?

What I have done this week:

  • taught 6 classes (including prep, obviously)
  • had one chairs’ meeting
  • dealt with several end-of-semester student crises
  • two phone interviews (on a search committee)
  • Weighed in on College issues
  • written up questions for a different part of the search
  • written a review for survey classes
  • lost a large chunk of my mind
  • ranted about people who really got on my nerves
  • paid bills
  • had a really good meeting with a colleague on some of the things we’re doing to revamp the program

What I would like to have done:

  • slept more
  • got to the gym
  • kept the flat tidy
  • read something for me
  • reviewed to start writing again
  • gone to the basketball game with friends
  • did I mention sleep?

What I’m going to do with the rest of the week:

  • sleep
  • get to the gym
  • have friends to dinner
  • go out for a beer on Friday
  • finish all my pre-exam grading
  • write my final exams
  • prep my last three days of classes
  • teach 4 more classes this week
  • finish reading Bone, from volume 5 on.
  • Start my Christmas cards!!

If I do this, I can go for a hike next week, do some search committee work, and still get my grading done and in by next Sunday, and will have most of the break to write and prep for the newish course in my specialty area that I am teaching in the Spring. w00t!

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  1. 3 December, 2009 6:41 am

    Ya lazy academic bum!:)

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