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18 May, 2009


I know — the semester is done and I am still busy. I’ve got training on new pedagogical techniques or some such this week. I am meanwhile thinking out a post on teaching. Not just about teaching the students we have, but teaching the students we have to be the students they need to be. But all of this thinking means that I need your help. I need a new bag for my new macbook. I remember Ancarett and New Kid and Tiruncula posting about such things lo, these many moons ago.

What I need:

Not too spendy, but I can live with reasonable

Small-ish. Big enough for the computer, cords, my wallet, and a makeup bag. I’m trying to lighten my load. Ok, and maybe a pad of paper, my moleskine, and a paperback to read on the Tube.

Something that doesn’t shout, “LOOK!! I’M CARRYING A MACBOOK!! MUG ME!!!”

Something not Black or grey would be nice

Vera Bradley need not apply.

C’mon … some of you are way better at shopping than I am. I HATE shopping. Even online.

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  1. 18 May, 2009 1:24 pm

    I use eBags’ Thunder messenger bag (here in discontinued colors, and here in the other colors. Sure, it’s black, but the areas of color really help it stand out.I’ve had mine for three years now, I think, and aside from a little fraying on the top of the outer pocket thing, it’s still in perfect shape. It fits my MacBook (13″), cords, papers (or a small notebook), with plenty of room for a wallet, keys, etc. in the front pocket and a rear pocket for a book or magazine.

  2. 18 May, 2009 1:30 pm

    And, uh, pretend there’s a ) after the second link.

  3. 18 May, 2009 2:12 pm

    I blogged my laptop bag search here and have been very happy with the Pinder bag I chose. Its only very minor drawback is that the seatbelt-material shoulder strap is a little slippery – not so that it slips off the shoulder, but so that when you adjust its length, it sometimes slips to a longer length. But that could be solved in a number of low-tech ways. It might be just a little sllimmer than you want if you want to carry wallet and makeup bag in it, but I regularly use mine to carry the MacBook plus a couple of folders and a pad of paper, plus cords and dangly bits.You should have a browse here, too, for detailed reviews of cool bags.

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