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Sunday RBOC

7 September, 2008

Sunday RBOC

  • I love Pandora radio. I have all kinds of custom stations set up, and one of these days will do some combining. This morning, it’s Steeleye Span radio. I will say they sometimes pull some weird-ass stuff on the ABBA station, though.
  • I’m more in control of some classes than I thought, and less on top of others. Guess what I’m doing today? Actually, I feel less awful about my class almost in my specialty. I didn’t have anything assigned for this week, in part because I was kind of waiting to see how they were going to do — most of the class are people who were in exactly-my-specialty seminar last year, and they excelled only in pissing me right off with their excellence in slackerdom. They are going to need a swift kick in their collective butt this time, I think. (there will be a post on this, I think — the energy drain that is the seminar of laziness)
  • Apropos of the first point, I really do like Richard Thompson
  • I am loving all the news coverage (and Daily Show coverage, too) that shows that, traditionally, VP candidates do get asked tough questions about their qualifications. I just wish that more of the commentators would point out that NOT asking Palin the same sorts of questions is sexist.
  • Sometime over the summer, I was the victim of a theft. I am rather upset about it. Fortunately, it’s all replaceable. But it’ll make a dent in my wallet. And it makes me trust my neighbors less.
  • A good breakfast can be made by sauteeing a bit of onion, garlic, cumin seeds, ground coriander, turmeric, mustard seeds, a dried chilli, and a bit of paprika together (start the onions first, add the rest when they are softened), then adding rice from last night till it’s all warmed through and coated with the spices, then adding a beaten egg to the pan, having pulled the rice to one side so the egg can cook by itself a bit. Stir together and cook till the egg is done. Oh, and it needs salt.
  • I could do with about two more weeks of weather like this — damp at night, clear and warm during the day.
  • The election cycle is reminding me that I have tapered off on my blog reading way too much. I should get onto that.
  • I should make a to-do list and post that.
  • Ishould go to the office and work now. Byeeee!
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  1. 7 September, 2008 5:36 pm

    Hey, I have a Steeleye Span station set up in my Pandora account too!(Haven’t listened to Pandora much lately…more of a Hype Machine Radio and AVRO Baroque Around the Clock listener these days)

  2. 7 September, 2008 9:10 pm

    Me too!(I didn’t know about AVRO Baroque Around the Clock. Thanks, Nathaniel!)

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