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Blogger Meet-up!

17 July, 2008

Blogger Meet-up!

Met up last night with Matt Gabriele and Jonathan Jarrett and a senior colleague for a drink and dinner, and as usual felt pretty outclassed — golly those guys are smart! It was far too short a get-together, though, even though it was long enough to convince me I should go to Haskins this year, if only to schmooze!

Anyway, it was a jump-around conversation that has started lots of things in my head — if I can only find the time to write them. I have to say, it’s hard to explain to the family that, after a day of reading and trying to write academic things, I still want to come home and write. To them, I’m on holiday. To me, I’m on a work schedule, and am trying to squeeze days of holi in amongst the work. Speaking of which, I’ve got two days of time booked with LDvery muchW this weekend. And a trip to see a colleague in Oxford on Wednesday, w00t!

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  1. 17 July, 2008 3:43 pm

    I thought you had us seriously outclassed myself. Perhaps this is the academic self-doubt of which I have been warned 🙂 Good to have a proper chat for once!

  2. 17 July, 2008 9:31 pm

    hee! that is funny, Dr. Productivity! Seriously, though, I hope we can do it again before I leave.

  3. 18 July, 2008 11:51 am

    I’ll try and be more awake if so. As for productivity, well, yes, I have many projects, but it’s arguable I’d actually produce something more easily if I had fewer…

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