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1 February, 2007

Updates on Proquest and H-M

Wow! I just checked my ADM e-mail, and there was a note from a nice product manager at ProQuest with a direct url (minus the diss number, which they will look up for me, or which I can add myself) to the diss, abstract, and 24-page sample. This can be done without subscription to ProQuest. How cool is the blogosphere???

I still haven’t heard from my H-M rep, so yesterday I called in to the general customer service area (my bookstore having been very non-active until about three days ago)and complained politely. I was immediately transferred to a manager, and the problem was solved in about 20 minutes. My book seems to be on permanent backorder, but it’s available in splits. The missing books have been overnighted. Funny how, if one actually follows up (I’m talking to YOU, big uni bookstore company that runs our bookstore), one can get things fixed.

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