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Monday RBOC

31 January, 2007

Monday RBOC

  • Miriam Burstein is very funny
  • iTunes update: I explained the horror to X. He came up with a very elegant solution that basically solves everything with the help of the Postal Service.
  • I don’t feel comfortable watching Laura Bush in a PSA about how to prepare for major disasters
  • I am really not feeling good about proposed changes to the British Library — especially as I’m trying to plan my first trip there this summer
  • I wish Keith Olbermann were not quite so melodramatic, but I still kinda like him
  • I am also feeling not so thrilled about my decision to cut my cable, but I don’t need the TV, and $55 or so a month is, well, a plane ticket to see someone special in fabulous European city. Or part of a conference — which wouldn’t necessarily preclude part of the former
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  1. 31 January, 2007 3:41 am

    If it helps, your decision to cut cable is helping me resist GETTING cable in the first place. Even with BSG, and the fact that I find myself wanting to watch Olbermann, not to mention Jon Stewart.

  2. 31 January, 2007 4:01 am

    I figure I can buy BSG on iTunes and not lose too much money. Also, it’s on too late — I’m really trying to get on an early-rising schedule so I can either get work done or get to the gym. Don’t know about Heroes, but Studio 60 is also available on the web. I’ll miss Bones and House, though. I just have to wait till Monday, because The Ruby in the Smoke is on Sunday night. Plus, there’s so much on BBC7 to listen to …

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