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Blogging? Oh, yeah. Right.

13 December, 2006

Blogging? Oh, yeah. Right.

Er … changing to 15 week terms from 10 is hard. But FYI, It’s finals week at SLAC. I’m giving three tomorrow. Then it’s all about marking. And I have to turn in requests for conference funding, but it would look far better if I knew whether my ‘cool things about women and property’ K’zoo paper has been accepted. Really, it would be nice. At this moment, I know I’m on a roundtable. I submitted an abstract, and told a colleague I’d chair a session if he needed me. So it could be one appearance or three. It would be nice to know. Also, sometime in the next couple of weeks, I should know if my contract has been renewed for next year. I hope so. I really like it here. And I have so much to do, my head feels like it’s going to ‘splode.

Oh. John Stewart is swearing up a storm tonight. He managed to say every curse word I love to use, plus one of the two blasphemous expressions I use but try hard not to. Hee!

Also, The Girl lost her footing on the balcony edge today and scared the hell out of me as she scrabbled to get her hind end back up. No more balcony for her till I get some chicken wire to keep her in. Or something. Apparently, I can get an invisible fence…

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  1. 13 December, 2006 6:40 am

    The funny thing is that the last school I taught at was on the quarter system because YOUR grad school was on the quarter system. Anyhow…the shift from quarters to semesters was tough for me back when I switched in grad school (my undergrad was on the quarter system). Then I realized I liked semesters better, because there are only TWO finals weeks in a year instead of three! So while the term seems much longer, it only happens twice…and come May, you’ll be really, really glad there’s not another month to go. :)At least that was my experience. Your mileage may vary.

  2. 13 December, 2006 4:55 pm

    What? Flagship U? Not my grad school! I went to a small, but prestigious, R1 in a vastly different part of the country. But yeah, your reason for teaching on Quarters was mine — Flagship U is the 800-lb gorilla, no doubt.

  3. 14 December, 2006 6:37 am

    Wow, that’s slow response on the Kzoo paper. Though, thinking about it, I haven’t submitted to the general call for a while (and the conference was a slightly smaller behemoth at that point). Do you know if anyone else in the general call has heard? Maybe Juniperus knows something about the scheduling?

  4. 14 December, 2006 7:15 am

    Not that it helps, but I also submitted to the general call for the first time this year and haven’t heard back yet either.

  5. 14 December, 2006 2:53 pm

    The website says December … which is a longish month. I want to write the paper anyway, so I’m going to try to work on it over break, but … I’m more likely to get all the travel money I need if I am presenting twice, and there’s a deadline!Plus, it’s the holiday season, and I’m not going to bug Juniperus, who has enough on her plate!

  6. 15 December, 2006 7:09 am

    Oh, yes, I realize that Juniperus is plenty busy without having to be the Source of Answers to All Things Kzoo! Just a thought.

  7. 15 December, 2006 5:39 pm

    Oh, I didn’t take it in any bad way. Just was trying not to infringe upon my friendship!

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