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Settling in, part three

28 June, 2006

Settling in, part three

Since my last post… my stuff finally showed up. On Sunday. The moving company had told me to book people to unload for 10, since the truck was supposed to show up between 8 and 12. Ha. Movers showed up at 10 — problem. I had specifically asked for burly people. Apparently, the temp agency doesn’t care, because I got a fairly overweight and out of shape woman and a wiry but tiny middle-aged guy. They were really nice and worked really hard. And let me tell you, if I’d realized how little they were being paid, I’d have hired someone else. Also, they helped to explain where the African-Americans are in this town, because I just haven’t seen all that many, nor even many Latinos, who are the fastest growing minority. As it was, I had to pay them for 4 hours before the truck showed up. And then it took 5 hours to unload, because there were intermittent thunder showers with amazingly hard rain. I’d forgotten about that. It rains with a vengeance in this part of the country. But still, no earthquakes, no direct hurricane hits, no tornadoes (I think).

Moving was aided by a nice neighbor who helped with the heavy furniture (and then said I could pay him back by visiting his church. I told him nicely that, when I went to church, I went to church X, but thanked him. Then, one of the members of the local England contingent showed up — I’ve got English workers in the buildings on either side of my building — some kind of skilled labourers. He was, um … rhymes with “kissed as a heart” since England had won that morning (I was able to see the game up to the goal, because by 11 I knew the truck would be late). But he staggered over and helped bring up the last of the stuff and then helped to put the couch together. We ended up having a glass of wine at his place and watching Deadwood and playing fussball. I owe him a meal, though. We’d never have got done when we did without him, and he saved me at least an hour of OT for the help.

Cats seem to be ok. I think the Girl has peed a could of places, but I’ll get a black light and run over the carpets and treat them. Can’t smell anything, except where a previous animal clearly left its scent. The boy is still sleeping under the covers on my bed every day …

Kitchen is mostly unpacked. One more box of foodstuffs and some odds and ends. But I had a cup of tea this morning! I’m now sitting at my desk, but using my laptop. I want the office in total order before I open up my computer. Living room is useable — couch is clear, rug on the floor (does anyone know what one uses under a flat-weave oriental rug to keep the color from rubbing off on the beige carpet?), TV and DVD player set up — not the speakers, though, so no DVD’s for another day. Boxes still everywhere. ButI lucked out. There is no recycling in this town, and I have no storage — the one problem with this apartment. But the manager needs boxes so I can take them all to her and not just put them in the dumpster.

Today, I bought a car. Not the Civic. On my way to pick up the Civic, I got a call from the Hyundai people. 2003 Elantra GT with high, but acceptable, miles for $2500 less. I don’t think it’s as good a car, and of course it made a funny noise today when making a tight turn, but seems fine. And it’s got a three month warranty, plus I bought a two-year, bumber-to-bumper warranty (I don’t on new cars, but on a used one?). I almost think they gave me the deal on the Hyundai so I wouldn’t take the Honda. The two lots are owned by the same dealer. The Honda guys made a big stink, but I could believe they found someone willing to pay a lot more for it, so did a deal with the other lot. Either way, the Civic was overpriced and the Elantra underpriced. And my payments will be really affordable, so I’m happy.

I totally forgot about going to my orientation yesterday, but the HR person called me and let me come late. So I’m in the payroll system, the Credit Union, which I joined last week, set up my direct deposit, I’m set up to start my health insurance two weeks after my start date, and just have to do my retirement stuff. Plus, the nice HR person said I could ask for a Mac laptop — I might not get it, but I can ask! And I have my parking permit. And got a couple of hints about campus life. Apparently most of the faculty eat at the same time, and usually in the cafeteria. Guess I know what I’ll be doing!

Now, I think I should maybe eat something?

Because, well, I can. I have food and dishes!

I think I will be pretty much settled in by Thursday night, so I can have a blogger meet-up on Friday!!!

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  1. 28 June, 2006 12:24 pm

    does anyone know what one uses under a flat-weave oriental rug to keep the color from rubbing off on the beige carpet?Jute or linen rug backing. The stuff we have over here you can either sew on (ugh, tedium) or stick on with double sided sticky tape. Try your local arts and crafts store. Alternatively, if you know you’re not going to move the rug, you could put down some anti-slip material directly on the carpet and put the rug on top of that, like this stuff the subject of the kitties, don’t put any books on the bottom shelves until they’re settled in. My late and much missed Cloud cat seemed to find the books on the bottom shelves very comforting and after moving would spend days rubbing against them . . . what one didn’t discover until later was that he’d also shown his ownership in other ways. There’s nothing quite like discovering that one of those bottom shelf text books has been sprayed by the male in your life.

  2. 28 June, 2006 1:25 pm

    Ick. This is a female, but they will also spray if they feel like it! THanks!

  3. 30 June, 2006 1:46 am

    Hey there – I’m really glad you, your cats and your stuff arrived – send us your good “furniture” karma – we are still without – I type right now on an upside-down laundry basket. Congrats on the car – and on England going on to the 2nd round. I hope they beat the pants off the rotten, stinkin’ Portugal team this weekend….

  4. 30 June, 2006 6:38 pm

    I hope your stuff has shown up by now — Mine is almost all unpacked!

  5. 24 September, 2010 12:25 pm

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