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In lieu of an actual post

27 May, 2006

In lieu of an actual post

Since I have to:

  • take back a pile of overdue books to the library at Flagship U
  • clean my house
  • do laundry
  • decide on texts for next semester
  • go through boxes of files and shred stuff so I don’t have to move it
  • prep the last week’s classes (which means reviewing Roland)
  • make appointments for the cats so they can be flown in The Move
  • um … pack
  • move

Plus all those incidental things I haven’t mentioned …

I’m just posting links at the moment. Back to substantive stuff when the chaos of finishing the term, grading exams, and moving a couple of thousand miles in the next 3 weeks is all done. Wish me luck that I manage to have my internet connection set up as soon as I get to the new place!

Today’s link —

This is kind of interesting. There’s a new book out on Helen of Troy — and it’s history!

Oh — and BTW, folks, I just noticed that the recent OUP Medieval Studies catalogue has the new Ward-Perkins, Heather, and Smith at fairly affordable prices. I think you can get all three for just under $100. The Wickham book is also marked down, but still out of my price range! But I will be buying the others.

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  1. 27 May, 2006 7:05 pm

    You should be able to get the Heather for even less. It’s out in paperback over here and I got it for a tenner last week. It’s a cracking read, as well — although beware of the excruciatingly awful puns masquerading as section headings. The Ward Perkins should be out in pb in about six weeks or so as well, so unless you really covet the hardbacks (which I can perfectly understand), you might want to keep your credit cards under cover for a few weeks.

  2. 27 May, 2006 10:48 pm

    I think they were already advertising the paperbacks in this catalogue — I can’t imagine the prices were for hardcover, but thanks, I’ll check and make sure!

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