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Not a Cheery Post

28 March, 2006

Not a Cheery Post

But perhaps worth blogging for. Had you seen this article about the Duke Lacrosse team? I hadn’t. Some of the best coverage so far is at Alas, a blog. You’d think that, with 46 suspects, there’d have been a bit more coverage. Not that race or class might have anything to do with it. Or the fact that the victim was a stripper.

Update: Ralph Luker has posted more at Cliopatria. Ralph, I’d forgotten about your Duke connection. And while I do agree that people are innocent until proven guilty, I have to say that I consider every person at that party who did nothing to stop the alleged assault, each person who has not come forward to either turn in a temmate or help clear a teammate, to be guilty. Obviously not of rape — the victim claims that only three people actually raped her — but the silence of the team makes its members complicit. Also, from what I can tell, this all happened on March 13 … it didn’t hit the nationals till almost two weeks later, as far as I can tell. I could be wrong — after all, I didn’t listen to the news as much while on break.

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  1. 29 March, 2006 2:19 am

    Wow, I hadn’t heard about that – but thanks especially for pointing to the Alas commentary.

  2. 29 March, 2006 4:50 pm

    But they’re good college boys and she was just a stripper!*sigh*Yes, “Alas, A Blog” was the first place I saw that story covered at all and, still, to this point, I haven’t seen anything in the mainstream media!

  3. 29 March, 2006 5:51 pm

    It’s gotten a little bit of coverage on ESPN and in the sports pages, but not much anyplace else. Sad.

  4. 30 March, 2006 7:15 pm

    Delay in these things becoming public is quite common. A woman has to decide, for example, whether she does want to press charges. That’s not an easy or obvious decision. If this case goes to court, this woman will face having to acknowledge in public that she is a stripper and that she does that to support herself and her two children. Beyond that, defense attorneys will probe her whole sexual history. One might well want to take a week or two to think about that.

  5. 30 March, 2006 8:04 pm

    That’s true … and very sad. After all, if your house was broken into, whether or not you were responsible enough to have an alarm system wouldn’t be an issue used against you.

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