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If I were a book rep …

21 February, 2006

If I were a book rep …

… I would do a couple of things. Like, I dunno … check out in advance what the different faculty specialties were before wasting their time. Like … oh … sending an e-mail to make an appointment or come by during office hours. I used to be in sales, and you know? One of my guiding rules was not to piss off my customers before trying to sell them something. Go figure.

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  1. 22 February, 2006 3:38 am

    I adore my bookpushers who email me in advance to let me know they’ll be on campus. I endeavour to meet with them because I’m interested in seeing what they have to offer. I’ve stumbled across several perfect textbooks from those conversations.I agree that if they don’t even check up on what your specialty or teaching areas are, it’s maddening!

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