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good news, bad news

9 February, 2006

Good News, Bad News

The good news: We were discussing the Res Gestae in my freshman survey today. Initial skepticism (“how much of this is true, ADM?” “Well … most of it is in fact ‘true’ … but let’s talk about that a bit”) followed by … “Hey, what’s this tribunicia potestas?” “It’s the powers of the tribune”

So a student asks what that means, and someone says, “wait … he’s not a pleb, is he?”

They really seemed to get into picking apart all of these things that look like good traditional Roman values, but just knock the mos maiorum all to hell and gone. A couple of them were grinning like crazy people at the sheet political brilliance of the man …

Sorry — that was kinda geeky, but I like it when the students start to say, “hey … wait a minute!”

The bad news —

I was supposed to give back exams tonight, but the faculty meeting went far longer than I thought it would. Argh.

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