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3 October, 2005


That’s me. Too swamped to blog, read blogs, or comment. Moved this weekend. Sort of. Stuff is at new house. Cats, clothes, toiletries and I are not. DSL installed but doesn’t work, so no office hours tomorrow so I can wait for the tech. Why am I still at Professor Kinsey’s? My wonderful landlord was trying to make the bathroom really nice, but it turned into A Project. So with luck, there will be cement board on the walls around the tub tonight (but not around the piping, which needs replacing tomorrow or the next night) and I should be able to bathe, but not shower, for the next couple of days. And the shower should be done by Thursday …

Have I prepped for this week? HAH!

So I’m probably going to be gone for a few days while I try to catch up. Calls and e-mails of moral support are greatly appreciated, though!

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  1. 3 October, 2005 1:51 pm

    Moral support, moral support! I hope everything calms down and your bathroom gets finished soon!

  2. 3 October, 2005 4:24 pm

    Best of luck in settling in to your new digs. Despite the chaos of the moment, I’m sure it will be lovely to have the stability of your own place.

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