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A Quick Entry

26 August, 2005

A Quick Entry

I am behind …

  • on scholarly activity
  • On my syllabi
  • on blogging about teaching apropos of reflections on final exams (mostly for GZombie’s carnival)
  • on blogging about periodization for Rebecca’s edition of Carnivalesque Button
  • on learning how to live the life of a single female academic
  • on laundry
  • on Tiruncula’s really hard meme questions

So please bear with me, as a (I hope) good friend is wont to say …

but today I went to the new school, where I saw my office-to-be a second time, met the librarians who will make my life lovely, and picked up the books about which I complain below. Here’s what I e-mailed a friend about it on Monday, when I made the first visit:

I did a test commute to the new college this morning (at 6:30, mind you — YUCK!) and it took just over an hour. Filled out miscellaneous paperwork, and introduced myself to the division (social sciences — History is not part of the Humanities, it seems — probably a good thing, since Humanities divisions are filled with their heads full of literary theory who have ended up teaching mostly composition and are normally bitchy about it) secretary. She showed me around — the building is decidedly 1960s — stucco-pebble exterior with some really nice glass brick (nice in that they are not the normal type — I’ll have to take a picture) inserts for light.

The offices are on two storeys, and open onto an atrium-y area filled with palm trees and other tropical plants — I guess the height of the building and size of the courtyard keep the temperature a bit warmer? And there are fake pink flamingoes in the plants, which appeals to the kitschy part of me. My office, shared, but my share is much larger than my old single office, is on the second storey and, like all the offices, has a huge sliding glass door that provides natural light and a view of the aforementioned palm trees (Sorry — occasionally the California girl in me comes out — the fact that I’ll be teaching in a place where I can smell salt AND see palm trees AND still be in a place with most of the seasons thrills me).

The secretary is really nice and seems rather efficient. My desk copies had STILL not arrived, and she gave me the code to dial out and call OUP to bitch at them. I was not as nasty as they deserved, but told them if the book hadn’t arrived by Thursday, I’d be ordering from someone else. Maybe AJP Taylor? (what I’d order, not who I’d order from). Bastards. The so-called rush order (from 9 August) is apparently on its way, but to the college, NOT to my house. They are shipping a second copy.

Today, I went into the Student Union — amazingly gorgeous.

Must go home now and work. Possibly less blogging for a day or so.

And to our friend whose shit seems to have really hit the fan, I’m thinking really good thoughts for you — let me know if I can do anything.

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  1. 26 August, 2005 11:54 am

    On the single female academic life… easy. Golden rules: Reading is more important than cleaning. Food is also more important than cleaning.One person only needs one chair. The books/papers can have the rest.If you haven’t got classes and you can work at home for the day, that’s what pyjamas are for.I am such a slob.

  2. 26 August, 2005 7:17 pm

    If you don’t get to the periodozation article, that’s OK! 🙂

  3. 26 August, 2005 10:54 pm

    I love you, Sharon! and Rebecca, I may get to it, because it’s useful for me in rethinking my courses.

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