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Poor Wayfaring Stranger

1 July, 2005

Poor Wayfaring Stranger

That’s the song going through my head today. No news on the two jobs that started reviewing applications on Monday. Everybody is pretty sure that I will at least get an interview for the local one-year, though. I hope so.

I moved out of my office today. Heavy sigh. Its owner, newly returned from two years as Dean, is ecstatic, though. And I’m really happy for him. But I miss my office. I have a new place, at the campus where I’m teaching online. But it’s another 5 miles down the road. Still, I suppose I should make myself seen there. Otherwise, I have a very good excuse to go check out the wireless setup at Flagship U, where I should start going to work on papers. Although that’s even farther. But it’s all pretty and pseudo-gothic and makes one feel all studious. I could also just use the library at now-ex school where all my friends work, so as to be available for fun things. Hmmmm.

At any rate, I have a car full of stuff I need to take home and sort to put in storage. More bits and pieces to pick up from AXADH tomorrow. Room reorganization to follow. For now, I’m going to go home and stretch my poor, sore back and maybe do some reading. Today I:

  • finished moving out of the office

  • graded all the assignments turned in by the online class — not all were turned in.
  • posted lots to the discussion forum — lots to read, although I had to do some redirecting on the ideas of History as progress and presentism — and on using the Wikipedia!
  • wrote (well, copied and pasted in tedious detail) a quiz
  • sent a bunch of comments and questions to a colleague on a paper he gave me a while back. With apologies and lame explanations of what I did with the last 2 months that I couldn’t get back sooner
  • checked my e-mail and a couple of blogs way too obsessively

Oh! I also have a small social life! Tuesday I went with friends to play pub trivia — we won, which paid for Tuesday night’s beer and last night’s Happy Hour with colleagues (a Thursday night summer ritual I’ve never had the chance to enjoy). And then I went home and (re-)read a couple of articles from Debating the Middle Ages, which I would love to be able to teach some day. Just reminding myself of the bigger picture.

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  1. 3 July, 2005 12:07 am

    I taught Debating the Middle Ages once, and it did NOT work. At least, not for that bunch of students (varied undergrads) – it was just too over their head, too specialized. (Except the gender section.)Of course, I didn’t set it up very well, either. I thought about trying it again this fall, but it’s officially a 3-credit, not 4-credit class and I decided it was going to be overwhelming with the other stuff I assigned. Anyway, sorry that you are moved out of your office, but yay for the social life!

  2. 3 July, 2005 12:29 am

    That’s what our friend here said. But she wasn’t teaching at the right level, either. Maybe for an honors section? Who knows?

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