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Bloggus Interruptus

23 June, 2005

Bloggus Interruptus

ADM status update …
Blogging has been temporarily interrupted because:

  • Tuesday we had some of the worst thunderstorms ever. AXADH left the dog, who is noisophobic (yeah, there’s probably a real name for it) outside, because she has been a bit destructive lately. He called me to tell me that there was thunder forecast, and asked me to do something, because of course, it was easier for me to leave the office 40 miles away and take care of the dog than for him to drive 20 minutes and tranquilize her in advance. I said he’d have to take care of it and left it. I should have known better. He ‘couldn’t’ get away, and the poor dog was out in it. She ripped the door frames off all three outer doors, trying to get in, and also took out the screen door and the cat flap. AXADH refuses to keep her any longer. I am madly trying to find the dog a home, and am torn with guilt because I never wanted a dog, but she has been with us/me for 18 months, and she’s an adult, and really a very neat dog. But I also have to consider the fact that I may not be able to afford a place where I can keep her, nor can I make research plans as easily if I do. But the rescue won’t take her and I don’t want her put down. Now waiting for a call from the Humane Society, who won’t euthanize without letting me know. I have a temporary solution — one of the janitors will care for her till the end of July, if I need him to, but I don’t know if shunting the dog from pillar to post is a good option, because I just don’t know a lot about dogs.
  • Oh — I have an online class that starts Monday. And the website isn’t built yet. And it’s Web CT — all new technology for me. [holding head and screaming]
  • And I have to finish the bloody review, which got pushed to the side a bit for the latest crises
  • And my favourite e-mail correspondent owes me a letter or two, dammit.

Other than that, the move went pretty well. Still have a bunch of stuff at the old place, but mostly bits and pieces. Best part — when I asked AXADH to leave a box marked “research notes” near the front of the lockup, and he said, “oh, like you’ll use those!” Really best part — when helping me move made him almost late for a date. Yes, ADM is now in the resentful phase. Cats are settling in nicely. New roommate is off elsewhere, and I think we’ll get on reasonably well till I know about the final job situation. The last two FT jobs (one TT, one a one-year replacement) review applications beginning Monday. I hope the TT one moves quickly, because it’s a semester institution, and the job would start in August. Maybe they would be willing to start in Spring? Like I’ve even got an interview yet. But despite its location (very rural BFN), it sounds like a place I’d like a lot and do well at, as long as there is adequate support to get to conferences, etc.

So if you don’t see me much … you know why!

And Phlebas … figuring out who you are is taking up brain power better spent elsewhere! Only you can solve this particular problem!

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  1. 24 June, 2005 1:43 am

    What a difficult situation with the dog! Will the rescue not take her because of breed issues? If I were closer geographically I’d try to get my doggy-people (and/or my crazy aunt) involved to help out, but I’m afraid I’m pretty far away. I do have a pretty extensive online network of dog friends, so if you’d like to email me the rundown on doggy, I can email around and see if I can get any useful leads on how to get her placed.

  2. 24 June, 2005 2:30 am

    She’s a Lab! She’s also just too cool. But the nice janitor just came by and he’s falling for her in a big way. He’s got a bandana around her neck, and we went out to the car (he works nights and brings her with him, and takes her for walks on his breaks) so I could explain what was going on (I know, talking to the dog …). She seemed happy to see me, but not unduly worried. I’m not going to try and see her again, though, until we are sure if he is going to want to keep her. Don’t want to confuse her. And we agreed that we’d let the humane society make the final call on what they thought was best for her. But I think that he’s not really planning on giving her back, if he can help it. And that will be OK. We’ll see on Monday — at least I don’t have to worry about her till then, and apparently she has a full schedule — visits to family, meeting other dogs, and at least three walks in the park!But thanks for the offer, and if things go pear-shaped, I’ll let you know!

  3. 24 June, 2005 3:05 am

    Oh, good. It sounds like things are looking up.

  4. 24 June, 2005 3:57 am

    Yes, I think the crisis has been averted. Phew. Now I can finish my work. I learned how to use Front Page today …

  5. 24 June, 2005 7:44 am

    There might be a lab rescue network in your area. It seems to me that such networks usually have a pretty active online presence, so maybe if you did a bit of searching (Craigslist?), you’d find one.

  6. 24 June, 2005 7:44 am

    Hurray for janitorman! I haven’t had a dog since I was a sprout, but I like them a lot (not as much as cats, but close), and I know that unlike cats, dogs are all about bonding with a person. So you’re right to be leery of pillar-to-posting her. Poor thing.And I know I should form my opinions based on your say-so (if accuracy is the goal), but ADXH really puts the Damn in ADXH.

  7. 24 June, 2005 10:30 pm

    Ergh. I am not making excuses, but honestly, it’s not a malicious thing with him. Just thoughtless. Or something. He is very upset, too, but differently emotive?

  8. 25 June, 2005 9:20 am

    Well, that’s what friends are for, right — indulging in outrage when you’re doing your best to be fair.In any case, I refuse to let him off the hook for leaving Perro outside.

  9. 25 June, 2005 3:23 pm

    I’m glad things are looking up–or at least settling down–after a rough patch. And of course you’ll use those research notes!!

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