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More Interviews

31 March, 2005

More Interviews

So I’m back and losing it. Thanks, everybody for all the good vibes. Interview one went reasonably well, I think, despite my missing the flight and just about having a nervous breakdown traveling on standby. Really liked the people and the department. Campus really cool. Town not bad — rust belty, but ok. Rumour has it that property taxes are really high, but changes in ADM’s personal circumstances make it highly unlikely that she will be doing more than renting for some time. I have one interview next week — must send unselected primary source this week. And — woohoo! an interview for the only local TT job the week after. I can happily say that each position has its own ups and downs, and I’d take any of them at this point, but also need to send in a couple more apps this week.

New classes are mad. No more new preps for a while, please. And yes, I’m thinking about that panel for Kazoo — have a possible third person who might be able to pull together a paper on Alcuin and monastic things. I need to look over my diss and see what I can do in that vein — a great deal of it is on monastic donors, but I need to check out a book that came out at about the same time as my diss (I think I started first … just took a long time to finish) that deals with some of the same sources. So maybe I can do it as a “revisited” kind of thing?

But must concentrate on new class and jobs first. No, I’m not totally freaking out.

D’oh — how about the excerpts from Pliny and Trajan’s correspondence at the Fordham site? It’s got administrative stuff and Christians. And doesn’t need much in the way of context …

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  1. 31 March, 2005 10:10 pm

    More good luck vibes your way! Three possible jobs: those are good odds!

  2. 1 April, 2005 5:17 am

    Thanks! I really hope so!

  3. 1 April, 2005 11:02 pm

    Fingers crossed for you down here. Wish I were as together as you are w/r/t next year’s K’zoo. Hell, I wish I were as together as you are, period.

  4. 2 April, 2005 12:24 am

    Shoot, meg — I’m in a pure panic. New Kid, she’s together. Me? This will be my first paper, and I’m clueless, except that I know I have to start producing. And really, it’s all because a friend has been kind enough to provide a panel and a bit of nagging. But thanks for letting me know I can appear to be together … 😉

  5. 2 April, 2005 2:11 am

    We probably all look like we have our shit together, sad to say, since words are not equal to the task of describing swirling inner chaos. But still.I’ve had a panel handed to me, but I haven’t figured out what I want it to be on, much less found speakers etc etc. And I need to hop on that, like, yesterday.Oh yeah: The fact that you keep scoring these interviews is proof that your panic is not pure.

  6. 2 April, 2005 5:04 pm

    Thanks! It’s actually really cool to have an excuse to look at the diss again and start using it. Since I began writing it, some of my sources seem to have become quite popular. No women working on them, though. I wonder why? Still, I suppose I need to begin to stake some sort of territorial expertise claim …

  7. 3 April, 2005 10:40 pm

    Just meandered by the check out the comments and wanted to say: oy – together? no. I just play “together” on TV… :-PBut I am always happy to talk about Kzoo. The thing about Kzoo is that it looks all big and impressive and so on, but it, like me, is not nearly as together as one might assume. So do NOT let it intimidate you! Anyway, I have no insights into Pliny and Trajan because I have always managed to avoid teaching ancient stuff (except World History, where we never had time to delve into details like specific Roman individuals…), but good luck with the interviews!

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