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3 May, 2004

Link to US Treasury press release

(for those who went to the WA caucus the other day)

Why I worry about June 30 or, a lesson not yet learned

We’re supposedly handing over sovereignty. Sovereignty means the new Iraqi government can then demand the US leave, and we would have to do that. Or is there some other kind of sovereignty? We haven’t left Afghanistan yet. It’s a multi-national force there, but one that seems underfunded and that is propping up a government without any real power against the same old warlords.

Six months ago, after being bullied by her in-laws, his daughter, Mallali Nurzi, 26, soaked herself in petrol and struck a match. Alerted by her screams, Mallali’s young daughter discovered her mother writhing in flames. By the time the fire was extinguished, Mallali was burned all over. It took her 24 hours to die. In a suicide note to her parents, she explained why she had chosen such a horrific end. “Her husband’s family were treating her like an animal,” said Mr Shah [her uncle], tears trickling down his cheeks. [… ]
A government mission sent to investigate the problem in Herat, the biggest city in the country’s west, reported that at least 52 young, married, or soon-to-be married women had burned themselves to death in the city in recent months. The youngest was a 13-year-old bride-to-be.

If a tragedy like the increase of self-immolation among young women can go on under occupation in a place where we supposedly were victors, can it bode well for Iraq?

Oh my. It’s even worse. As I went to look up the link for the above story, I saw this:

Three young girls in eastern Afghanistan were in critical condition in hospital last night after being poisoned, apparently by militants as punishment for attending school.

Is this what the restoration of freedom looks like? Bastards. June 30th. Think about it.

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