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19 April, 2004

Life interrupts blogging

Well, I should have been working on my book review this weekend, but it was sunny and warm, and the veggies needed transplanting. So, I planted a bunch of heirloom tomatoes and three kinds of basil, carrots, and radishes. Cukes go in tomorrow from seeds, and broccoli starts from the spouse’s greenhouse. Then it’s all about turf/sod. Lots of rolls of it to be removed from the yard. Thank goodness the days are long, because here’s what else I need to do:

  • Prep this week’s classes (showing Le Retour de Martin Guerre makes that a bit easier)

  • Write a midterm for the survey

  • Aargh! correct paper proposals!

  • Begin work on online Ancient course,due end of quarter

  • Write a book review for an online journal

  • write a grant application

  • start outlining an article

  • write many thank you notes to friends and colleagues

  • blog

  • keep up with the garden.

Why am I telling you this? Simple — I’m not feeling academic bloggy, but hope that putting my “to do” list out in public will make me get it all done. More academic stuff later — John Holbo has made it more of an imperative — I think.

Oh — last note for the day. saw this on Friday night — loved most of it. Saw this last night — apologies to all my friends who warned me. What a waste of part of my life. Forget red and blue pills — this one begs for a cyanide capsule or serious alcohol.

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