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1 April, 2004

Changing Colors

Also known as procrastinating badly. Or skiving off. This is what happens the first week of classes when one class dies from under-enrollment. No FTEs for me! Of course, the bloody thing was listed incorrectly in the course catalog — as a 9-hour per week plus online component for a paltry 5 credits. Probably shouldn’t be blogging from school, either; I’m chalking it up to a professional development rant.

Anyway, I’ve changed the colors to something I hope is less offensive (the spouse thought the old color scheme was icky), and am now going to write a dread lecture for tomorrow’s Early Modern class. Actually, I do need to hop it — I’ll be at the Medieval Academy Annual Meeting, which is in Seattle this year — otherwise, I’d be out of it, having spent all my travel funds for the year.

As a brief note, though, as I promised on the Invisible Adjunct site, I’ll be blogging more now, and about more substantial stuff. Hell, maybe I’ll even come out of the anonymity closet, although I’m not sure about that while I’m on the market. At any rate, you can expect to hear about the Medieval Academy. If you’ll be there, look me up!

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