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3 December, 2003

Bastards! Things readers should know about me — I am not a Manchester United fan. I’m especially not fond of their manager, who seems to have blinders on when it comes to his own players’ misconduct.

Also, I thank any appropriate deities that my Tuesday class is over. There were some truly cool students, but as a whole, they introduced me to a not-entirely-new concept — the unwillingness of students to prepare for a class, even when a huge percentage of their grades depend on active participation. Faugh!

Yes, I am ranting. And still not ready to discuss the job market — instead, I’m avoiding the subject by working on my part of our program assessment (something that elicits interest only in accreditation years) and a proposal to set some sort of guidelines so that students and faculty using Blackboard understand the ramifications of a partially online course. Which us luck — if you have any ideas on setting student expectations, please share!

Meanwhile, check out the great entries on the changing face of academe via the Invisible Adjunct and some great stuff on the baby gap there and at Crooked Timber. I am simply amazed by these people — they are productive scholars who blog under their own names … oh well, maybe after I’m less contingent.

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