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18 September, 2003

Ok, Cranky Professor … I’m blogging. Well, since last I blogged, I typically missed the deadline to try to write for the

Chronicle of Higher Education“first person” series for money. But that’s because I was getting a Full-time Faculty Position!! Woohoo! But seriously folks … it’s a one year visiting position. Maybe two. No more than that, because then I get dangerously close to mandatory tenure-track. So what have I been doing? New faculty stuff.

Gotta say, this may be the best thing to happen — I get to do all the new faculty stuff, but in a weird, still not really faculty kind of way. So I went to a New Faculty workshop, where we listened to a bunch of really awful people who talked in Edu-jargon (ugh!) and one guy tried to convince us that good teachers and good researchers were in some way mutually exclusive — and that we Community College professors were in some what morally superior … The breakaway sessions were pretty good, though, once we got past talk about assessment and outcomes. The crap we don’t learn about in grad school …

CHeck back later for the motivational speaker who drove many of us to question our self-worth and sent us into a lithium-needing downward spiral!

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