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7 July, 2003

Ok — thought it was working correctly. We’ll see. Happy to say that the ever-awful Tim Eyman got no ballot initiatives in this year. So you know, Tim Eyman is to me the antithesis of everything the founding fathers wanted. His entire raison d’etre seems to be to do end-runs around the people elescted by a majority and get taxes abolished. Good for him — he’s already had to fess up to the public about embezzling from his first non-profit — and now he’s soliciting donations for his legal defense fund. What a jerk. This is where one wishes instant karma were part of the Gospels. Don’t know what Jesus would drive, but Tim Eyman drives a big-ass SUV. He even convinced the taxpayers of Washington State to repeal most of the tag fees on car registrations — flat rate now, folks. Apparently, Mr. Eyman and his ilk have somehow convinced folks that graduated taxes hurt the little guy. Just one word here — “Bastards.”

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