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5 June, 2003

I have blogged since last week — really! Something went very wrong, though on my post on the new weird Matrix Reloaded links to Michael Baigent’s Holy Blood, Holy Grail by way of a character called The Merovingian. I have to say, this is too odd — except, of course that it’s almost commonplace these days. After all, you can find out about this particular esoteric conspiracy theory (Merovingians, Jesus, and the Templars) via Sierra’s Gabriel Knight 3:Blood of the Sacred, Blood of the Damned. Or, you can read Katherine Kurtz’s fantasy novels about modern Templars, or her “how the Templars and the Loch Ness Monster put the Bruce on the Scottish throne” books. Great fun, but then, I don’t believe in any conspiracy theories except the one where historians are kept from teaching History because a Vast Government Conspiracy wants to keep the same old folks in power by convincing the public that History isn’t important. Give me a full-time (or even tenure-track) job, and maybe I’ll stop believing this!

Oh — I’m trying a <a href="javascript:SquawkBoxPopup()” title=”Comments by”>javascript:SquawkBoxCount()New comment thingie. ‘Scuse, please, if it takes a bit to work out the bugs!

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