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8 October, 2002

Well — just thought I’d mention how nice it is to have a Leader of the Free World who can’t bloody pronounce the word, “nuclear.” On the other hand, maybe Saddam Hussein really has a new Nook-You-Lur weapon, and we should be afraid. It would be nice if Dubya would stop talking to the lowest common denominator — it makes it sort of pointless for me to try to teach if one can be president and talk like an illiterate…

Speaking of teaching, keep an eye out for my next rant…it will be on the horrors of part-time employment. At least, it will be on that subject if I can figure out how to teach four classes and still blog. But just so you know, I’d have to work this same load every quarter AND summer, just to meet what I made in private industry — and I’m not in the Sciences! Oh, well…back to the grind. Thank goodness I have many lovely students this term. .

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